Why should I use Epic Pools?

Do you remember when customer service was important?  Do you recall when it wasn't just about the money, but about a reputation? Remember the days when a small business owner had a relationship with their customers?


Epic Pools remembers.


We believe that whatever your occupation, you have the chance to make the world a better place, one person at a time.  As a pool service company, it isn't just our goal to clean your pool.  We want to make you happy.  It really isn't just about money; it's about values!


The Extra Mile:

Does anyone go the extra mile anymore?  Yes!  We do.  We're not an in-and-out service.  We're a do-it-right service.  If there's a small issue with your pool such as a repair that would take us ten minutes to do and cost us nothing but time, you'll likely never know about it. Why? Because you have enough companies nickel and diming you. We won't do it.  We'll fix it for the satisfaction of a job well done. That's the extra mile.


The Best Service:

We know some pool companies skip things like brushing or checking all of the chemicals every week.  We used to work for them!  We do what it takes to get your pool in the best condition EVERY TIME!  It's our calling card.  It's what we build our reputation on. And if you're not satisfied, we don't avoid your feedback.  We WANT it so that we can be the best and earn your trust.


The Best Technology:

Most pool companies just use a hose and rely on your equipment to do the work. We use a vacuuming system that avoids putting unnecessary strain on your filter and skimmer casings.  Our battery-operated power vacuum system uses a micron filter bag that works as well as a sand filter!  All that stuff in the bottom of your pool never sees your filter, it's sucked right into our bag, extending the life of your pool equipment.  


The Best For The Planet:

In as much as we can be, we are a green company.  We use every opportunity possible to spare the environment from unnecessary pollution, from the way we do our chemicals to the way we use paper products.  Our planet is our most precious asset, and we do our part to preserve it!