Terms & Conditions

Epic Pools shall provide the chemicals and maintain the pool in a manner so as to comply with all regulations and requirements as set forth in all county and state health laws.


Epic Pools assumes no liability with respect to the present or future status or condition of a customer’s pool or equipment.  It is further understood that Epic Pools accepts no liability for staining, shading or deterioration of the finish of or around the pool, to include tears or rips in vinyl liners. By signing a contract with Epic Pools, customer agrees that Epic Pools shall not be held liable for damages caused by normal/requested cleaning methods and chemical applications.


Billing is monthly. Fees are quoted based on four weeks of service per month.  If there are five service weeks in a month there is no increase for the additional cleaning; however the following compensatory days off are allotted to Epic Pools employees to offset the difference: Epic Pools closes to celebrate Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and is closed between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day. Epic Pools reserves the right to take two non-consecutive weeks off for vacation during the non-peak season of the calendar year (Sep 15 - May 15).  Notice will be given prior to vacation, chemicals will be provided to the customer during this time off. There will be no credits made to a customer’s invoice for the aforementioned days, and Epic Pools will not perform a make-up cleaning for vacation days/holidays. 


All regular cleaning services will be prepaid unless otherwise noted in the contract. Payment is due by the 1st of each month.  Epic Pools may stop service in the event of non-payment by the 10th of each month unless other arrangements are made between Epic Pools and the customer.  A $15.00 late fee will be applied in the event of non-payment by the 15th of each month. In the event that a week of cleaning is missed due to non-payment, the customer’s bill will not be credited for that week. Returned checks are subject to a NSF fee of $32.12.  Invoices over 60 days past due may be turned over to a collection agency. The customer will pay any fees and/or court costs incurred during a collection process.  The State of Texas defines any service performed on a residential pool as “permanent improvements” to the residence.  As such, should collection of monies owed fail after every possible attempt to collect has been made, Epic Pools reserves the right to file a lien on the owner’s residential property for the amount owed, to include any legal fees incurred by such a process.


Days of the week/specific times/specific service technicians – In order to keep expenses low and prices down, a customer’s home is scheduled for a day that Epic Pools is already in that area.  Time of day may vary.  On occasion, service days may be changed without notice.  Epic Pools will not permanently change day of service without prior notification.  Service day/time is not guaranteed and change of service day is not grounds for termination of this contract.


Quoted prices are based on normal swimming pool water usage, i.e., splashing, normal evaporation. In the event of a severe leak or leaks, a chemical surcharge may apply.  Such a surcharge will only be the amount of extra chemicals necessary due to the leak.


Any routine repair or other services performed that are under $200.00 are considered minor and added to the monthly invoice.  Amounts greater than $200.00 may be billed separately and are due upon completion of service.  Amounts greater than $500.00 require half of the estimated cost before the start of the repair with the remaining amount due upon completion.


Epic Pools does not clean pools during inclement weather: thunderstorms, lightening present, rain, icy conditions, or extreme cold. Should such conditions be present on your scheduled day of service, Epic Pools will perform the following services only (dependent on contracted level of service) – debris removal from skimmers and pump baskets, balancing of chemicals, minor filter maintenance.  Epic Pools does not adjust billing due to inclement weather.


Epic Pools does not remove pool covers in order to service a pool unless it is stated in writing in the maintenance contract. Additional fees apply for pool cover removal/replacement. Epic Pools is not responsible and cannot be held liable for damage incurred while removing or replacing pool covers.


If a customer’s community or yard is gated and Epic Pools is unable to gain entry, Epic Pools will not be able to service that pool.  If there are unrestrained aggressive pets and Epic Pools feels that there is a danger to the technicians, Epic Pools will not enter the yard. Epic Pools does not adjust billing for missed service due to an inability to access your pool, and technicians will not return until the next schedule visit without a trip surcharge.


We guarantee all work to be done in a neat, professional manner.  Warranties on materials and equipment are solely provided by the manufacturer.


Initial startups are prorated to the 1st of the following month and are due upon accepting this contract.


Month-to-month contracts shall remain in effect for an indeterminate period of time. Month-to-month contracts may be terminated or amended by either party by written notice 30 days prior to the date of amendment or termination. 


Annual contracts may not be terminated until one year from the date signed without incurring a termination fee of $350.  After one year from the date of signature has passed, an annual contract becomes a month-to-month contract.


Photos and video of pool, equipment, and the surrounding environment may be taken at anytime for filing and/or promotional purposes.


Notification of any complaint must be made within 48 hours of service performed.