Is maintenance different than cleaning?

Cleaning, is just that: Cleaning. But maintaining your pool equipment is critical to the life and health of your pool. From cleaning your filters to keeping your numerous o-rings lubricated, we are highly experienced in doing all the little things that protect your pool from BIG repair bills down the road.


There are three primary types of filters:


   DE (Diatomaceous Earth): For the best possible filtration, a DE filter is it. DE filters remove debris down to approximately 3-5 microns in size. Unfortunately, DE filters also require the highest level of maintenance. Fresh DE must be added to the filter monthly, and the filter grids should be cleaned at least twice per year.


   Cartridge: Cartridge filters are one step below DE in filtration.  They filter debris down to approximately 8-10 microns in size.  Cartridge filters usually come in single or quadruple set ups.  We clean single cartridge filters on a monthly basis as part of your cleaning package!  Quad-cartridge filters are much more labor intensive and should be cleaned every quarter.  All cartridges should be replaced about every two years.


   Sand:  Sand filters filter down to approximately 15-20 microns.  These are the easiest and cheapest filters to maintain!  Sand can last anywhere from 2-5 years without needing to be replaced and only require backwashing about once every month to two months.



Your pool has several o-rings that need to be lubricated and checked for cracks on a regular basis.  Failure to do so can be disastrous.  If an o-ring fails, air can get into your filtration system causing your pump to overheat and burn out.  It can also cause your chlorinator to work improperly allowing your pool to turn green.


Turbo Cells:

Salt pools use a t-cell to convert your salt into chlorine.  T-Cells must be checked quarterly for buildup. Buildup can cause your expensive salt system to cease functioning.



Pumps can overheat in the hot San Antonio sun.  They need to be checked for timer issues, ball bearing lubrication, and leaks to ensure a long life.



Pools leak.  Skimmers can become cracked, PVC joints can become corrupted, and pumps and boosters can crack or separate.  This happens due to time and use.


Now that you know what sort of things can happen to your pool, take comfort in knowing that we pay meticulous attention to these things and more to ensure that your pool has as long and as trouble-free life as possible. Even if you are not on a monthly plan with us, we are happy to come take a look at anything on your pool that may need maintenance.