Cleaning Service

We offer several cleaning services to match your desired level of personal involvement, which include the following:

Chemical Only

This package is for those who don't mind cleaning, but want to leave the chemical balancing to the experts. It includes weekly testing and balancing of chemicals. We test for the balance of chlorine or salt (depending on your pool system), pH, TDS, and cyanuric acid. Based on what we find, we add chlorine, soda ash, sodium bicarbonate, and muriatic acid as needed to ensure your pool has the perfect balance, keeping it beautiful and safe!


Chemical Plus

This package is frequently chosen by those who have high-functioning automatic cleaners. It includes all of the above plus brushing of your steps, walls, and tiles as needed, emptying of your skimmers, filter baskets and automatic cleaners, backwashing for sand and DE filters as needed, and a monthly cleaning of single cartridge filters.


Deluxe Package

This is for those who want all of their cleaning done for them. It includes all of the above plus vacuuming of the floor and skimming of the surface as needed.


Epic Package

This is our ultimate "no-worries" service level.  It includes all of the above plus preventative and reactive chemical solutions (algaecides, phosphate reducers, clarifying agents, scale removal agents, and salt for salt pools), cleaning of four cartridge filters and DE filters as needed, and 10% off all repairs.